Cadenza’s Charity Fundraising Total Rises Again

We are delighted to report that the Erskine Christmas Concert on 17th December, in which Cadenza was the principal guest performer, raised the magnificent total of £1,884.24, Erskine’s highest total ever!

Cadenza has been participating in the Erskine Christmas Concert since 2000, and from the start it has been one of the choir’s favourite events of the year.

Erskine has cared for more than 70,000 ex-Service men and women of all ages and all conflicts since it first opened its doors to care for the wounded returning from the battlefields of the First World War. In 2006 Erskine began daring for its first young veterans returning from current conflicts, confirming the need for Erskine care not just now, but far into the future. They need to raise around £7 million each to continue providing their high levels of care.

Cadenza is honoured to be invited to take part in Erskine’s Christmas fundraising every year and immensely proud to have assisted in raising increasingly higher amounts.

Charity concerts are an important part of Cadenza’s annual programme. We take no fee, so ALL proceeds go to the charity. If you would like Cadenza to raise funds for your charity, please contact our Charity Concerts Organiser.

Posted: Friday 15 January 2016 at 12:45 pm

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