I felt positively elated by the end of this concert

The programme began with my two favourite performances of the night, namely Monteverdi’s Cantate Domino and Thomas Tallis’ Nata Lux de Lumine. Interestingly the audience was delighted by two versions of Nata Lux – one, mentioned above, from the 16th century, the other (Morten Lauridsen) from the 20th century. I preferred the first, my husband the latter – so clearly something for everyone.

Also included in the programme were some much more familiar songs, albeit the arrangements were alternative and, dare I say, sometimes a bit quirky and amusing (Laugh, Kookaburra! in mind).

Perhaps it was the venue, but I felt positively elated by the end of this concert. Although a Bowie fan through and through it is quite surprising how music (of any kind) can lift the spirit and make the world a brighter place. This was largely down to the finale – or rather the encore – when the choir seemed to burst with energy in their performance of a Spanish song (which I can’t remember the name of *). They were, quite frankly, jubilant and certainly left me with a warm euphoric glow normally only gained by too much red wine on a Saturday night!

(* editorial note: It was ¡Cantar! – Sing! – an exuberant composition by Jay Althouse, which the choir also enormously enjoys performing.)

Audience member
Charity concert on behalf of St Michael’s Parish Church, Linlithgow (Saturday 29th April 2017)