Cadenza has released three CDs, and you can find out more about them below.

Bright Star – Cadenza at Christmas (2012)

Bright Star – Cadenza at Christmas is our latest CD, released in September 2012.  It has it’s own page on our website, where you can find out full details on track listings, background to the project, how to buy the CD from our website for delivery as well as how to download it from iTunes, Amazon, Google and other online distributors right now.  Tracks from Bright Star have been played on Classic FM and BBC Radio 3 – so why not buy a copy and find out what David Mellor was talking about when he said he found Bright Star “very pleasing indeed” and called Cadenza a “fine Scottish choir” on his New Releases show?

Voices of Joy (2004)

Launched during the 2004 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Voices of Joy was well received by audiences and critics alike and has continued to sell well at subsequent concerts. The review by the Scots Magazine can be found on our Reviews page.

It is still available to buy at concerts and on this website, but unlike Bright Star it is not available as a digital download on any sites.

Choral Contrasts (1998)

Cadenza’s first CD contains a mix of sacred and secular songs and was conducted by our founding Musical Director, Graham Lovett.

The CD has sold out and no copies are available to buy. It is also not available as a digital download.