Zoom along to an audition with Cadenza!

Cadenza has a long history of auditioning potential members before they are offered a place in the choir. This has typically been a 15 minute meeting with our Musical Director, where you would be asked to sing a few exercises to establish your range, do some aural tests and undertake a little bit of sight-singing to help ascertain how your voice may fit within those already in the choir. Being a relatively small choir, the ability to blend with other voices is particularly important as every voice really does count! Of course, in the midst of a global pandemic and with the choir not able to meet in-person, having auditions brings it’s own unique challenges.

Cadenza’s Christmas Party 2020 (don’t worry, there won’t be this many people at your audition!)

However, Cadenza prides itself on setting itself challenges and overcoming them with hard work and determination. And, as our latest recruit Peter can attest, this willingness to succeed extends to our audition process. Peter recently joined the choir after experiencing a Zoom audition, proving that we can still add to our ranks and adhere to the current restrictions. Peter said:

The Zoom audition was no more nerve-wracking than an audition would be in normal times! I was treated with real care. Admittedly it is a little harder to hear the piano through the computer compared to it being in the same room as you, and it is worthwhile making sure you position your computer so you can stand up and sing while still being able to see the screen. I decided to perform a short prepared solo piece, and having my piano handy was useful to make sure I would start in tune!

– Peter, our new Bass 1

Cadenza has been rehearsing using Zoom for several month now, and therefore have a tried-and-tested setup which works well. As with an audition in “real life”, we have a member of the Committee present on the call for Zoom auditions. They can also help out any prospective member ahead of the audition if they have questions or want to test their own Zoom setup. All you need is a computer, tablet, iPad or – if nothing else – mobile phone, and an internet connection.

At the audition Jenny Sumerling, our Musical Director, will take you through the process step by step. Jenny said:

An audition with Cadenza is not intended to be an unpleasant test, and many prospective members have commented how the thought of the audition was much worse than actually doing it! I am primarily looking to see whether your voice will blend with our existing members and also for an ability to sing in tune. As a small choir which regularly sings a cappella, and in eight parts or more, sometimes a line may only have a handful of voices so it is important to find the right mix. Doing it over Zoom is not as good as in-person, but we will make you feel as comfortable as possible.

– Jenny Sumerling, Musical Director

We are currently recruiting for all voices. You can learn more about joining the choir on our Join page, and if you have any questions (or we have already convinced you to apply), please contact our Membership Secretary, Chris Ayton at membership@cadenza.org.uk, 07770 754369, or via our Contact Form.