One year, three months, twenty days and counting!

Graphic showing the number 477

477 days.  That’s how long it has been since Cadenza last met in full, in person. We didn’t know that Wednesday evening in March 2020 that we wouldn’t be back the following Wednesday, let alone have any idea it would be so long until we could meet again. And, sadly, that number keeps increasing.

We have been meeting virtually, each Wednesday, over Zoom. As well as full choir rehearsals we’ve had sectionals, break-out social meet-ups, quizzes, parties and auditions all online. We’ve been blessed with very few technical issues – quite an achievement with average attendance hovering around the 45-people mark. And we have learned some new music, progressed old favourites and kept in touch with one another. But it’s not the same. Nothing like it.

We have now broken up for the summer, on-schedule. Unlike a normal year, we won’t get back together in August to polish our Edinburgh Fringe performance. It has been cancelled, as it’s simply not possible to put on a show with almost 100 different households making up the full list of performers across the choir and orchestra. And that’s before we could get any audience in the door!

However, we are ever-hopeful that are return to in-person singing might be possible come September. And we have lots of plans in progress should that be the case. We’re not quite able to share them with you yet, but watch this space…

In the meantime, Cadenza is always on the lookout for new voices and would love to hear from you if you’d like to join us. Find out more about joining the choir here, and get it touch if you’d like to arrange an audition.