A wonderful musical occasion

We just want to say how delighted we were, and how very appreciative of all the work your Musical Director and members did for us in the lead up to and the actual performance last Saturday. That event gave us the opportunity to speak to 150 + members of the public about our charity, and indeed to sign up a number of potential supporters. But is also provided a wonderful musical occasion. We thought the programme was very well constructed, the choir thoroughly prepared, and the balance, intonation and harmony achieved to be at a very high level. We also noted how much the singers appeared to be enjoying themselves, even in those pieces which demanded most concentration and listening to each other; and we are sure this contributed to the manifest enjoyment of the audience.

We don’t have a final total yet, but it does look as though the amount of money you raised for us will significantly exceed our expectations!

Brian Kerr
The SOKO Fund
Cadenza in Concert for The SOKO Fund (June 2023)