The whole album is beautifully executed

Voices of Joy is a CD that “does exactly what it says on the tin”. Cadenza is a choir based in Scotland’s Home Counties, i.e., round Edinburgh and Lothians way, who do their thing for a variety of charitable causes, as well as participating in the Festival Fringe, touring extensively, and gaining renown at choral competitions.

This collection was recorded in St Mary’s Church, Haddington, and items range from Poulenc to Burns and Cole Porter.

The whole album is beautifully executed, and it’s also nice to note the “happy sound”, demonstrating that you can still enjoy something you take seriously and excel in. And talking of taking things seriously, one wonders what Haddington’s most famous son, Maister John Knox, would have thought of the rather “high church” opening tracks and the evocation of saints’ names…

Alasdair Maclean
Voices of Joy CD (reviewed February 2005)